Private fiduciaries have a legal obligation to act in the best interest of their clients. It makes sense that you would seek to do business with organizations and individuals that will share that fiduciary responsibility with you. When Stellar is engaged, we serve in a fiduciary capacity, which means that we have a legal responsibility to act in the best interest of both you and your underlying client.

Our years of experience in working with private fiduciaries have given Stellar a unique understanding of the complexity of your business and your clients' needs. Private fiduciaries can use Stellar to completely outsource all investment and operational aspects of clients' investment accounts. This eases the burden on your staff and ensures that all the details of your clients' accounts will be taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. Our services include:

  • Integrated cash flow and customized investment plan analysis that is “court ready”
  • Unlimited "in court" assistance with explanation of an investment plan and investments
  • Coordination, at your request, with your legal counsel to ensure proper financial language is included on court orders for ease of account opening and maintenance
  • Managing customized portfolio investments in accordance with an investment plan and communicate all action in portfolio
  • Customized reporting to best match court requirements
  • Stellar accepts "Investment Fiduciary" status with regard to client assets

Direct Management of Portfolios

We provide direct investment management of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments, customized to meet the specific needs of the underlying client that is receiving your fiduciary services. Our investment team will work with you to apply its depth of economic and market experience to create and manage an investment strategy to best fulfill the desired objectives. We will periodically review the progress of these strategies with you, and recommend adjustments where needed. We can offer a very detailed or very concise review of portfolio analytics and performance as you would desire, and meet to review portfolio strategies on a regular basis. For greater detail of how we manage investment portfolios, click here.

Investment Advisory Services for Participant Directed Portfolios (401k)

Stellar’s professionals have provided institutional services for employer-sponsored, self-directed retirement plans since 1987. In the capacity of a discretionary/Section 3(38) investment advisor, Stellar accepts fiduciary responsibility for creating and managing the Plan Sponsor’s investment menu in keeping with the Investment Policy created by and managed for the plan. Stellar selects and regularly reviews the investments offered to plan participants and communicates upcoming menu adjustments to the Plan Sponsor. When ready to implement any change, Stellar will create the required participant communication about the adjustment. Detailed reviews of individual investments and menu offerings are provided on at least an annual basis. For details of how we manage this process,  click here.

Coordinating the recordkeeping, administration, custody, and investments for a 401(k), with a firm’s current business operations can be complicated. Additionally, crafting the right document that drives the structure of the retirement plan from matching and vesting schedules, to Roth, plan loans, and brokerage link accounts is very important to creating the best benefit for your organization. The increasingly complex regulatory environment has added to the responsibilities of being a plan sponsor, and the penalties associated with a misstep as a fiduciary are getting heavier.

We are supportive of Plan Sponsors distributing fiduciary responsibility amongst professional service firms, and will assist our clients in establishing and/or upgrading their retirement plan to get the most support, while driving down both hard and soft costs associated with providing this employee benefit.

Being active in the retirement plan field for years, we have established excellent relationships with many quality service providers.  We are able to review your situation and recommend suitable service providers for all of the complementary services required for a well-run employer sponsored retirement plan, and can make the appropriate introductions.  Quite often we are brought into a client relationship to provide investment services by these very same service providers.

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Portfolios are prudently managed by integrating your specific investment objectives with the prevailing opportunities and risks presented in the investment markets. In our opinion, the resulting portfolios reflect the best method of achieving your investment objectives.