We develop a clear understanding of your financial position, needs, and risk tolerance through a combination of a self-assessment profile and an interview with one of our portfolio managers. Integrating your specific account structures, such as be trust accounts, family partnerships, and retirement accounts, with our understanding of your objectives, leads us to recommend an appropriate investment strategy. This strategy is implemented in a manner that takes advantage of the structure of accounts that your legal and tax professionals have put in place to manage your taxes (or other liabilities) and eventual distribution of assets to family members or charitable organizations. Our investment team applies its depth of economic and market experience to create and manage your portfolios to implement the recommended strategy. We periodically review the progress of these strategies with you, revisit your financial situation and recommend adjustments where needed.

We provide direct investment management of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments for portfolios over $500,000. These portfolios are custom managed, and accommodate your personal preferences, account structure, tax situation, and any gifting desires or estate planning needs. For smaller portfolios or other special situations, we provide discretionary asset allocation and diversification management through the use of well-researched mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), and/or other managers to invest funds based on our economic and market analysis.

Taxable Accounts

After-tax returns matter to our clients. As a result, we take great care to manage tax liabilities associated with buying and selling securities, as well as the type of income that is distributed by the securities we hold.

Our portfolio management system allows us to manage multiple accounts as one portfolio, even though the assets may be divided between many individual accounts or custodians. This allows us to maintain an appropriate overall allocation, better manage the taxability of gains and portfolio income, and greatly reduce the number of transactions necessary. Sometimes the structure and purpose of a separate trust requires that it be managed as a completely separate entity eliminating some cost savings on transactions.

Tax Advantaged Accounts

Many of our clients have retirement accounts as part of the overall portfolio structure that they would like to have managed. Integrating tax-deferred growth as in the case of a Traditional IRA or 401(k), or the tax-free growth of a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) is important in the overall management of your portfolios. The taxability of the distributions from those accounts is important in determining the best way to integrate the management of those assets with the rest of your family’s portfolios.

Many clients have employer sponsored retirement plans such as a 401(k). In some cases, your plan may allow for you to engage Stellar to custom manage your assets, often for no more than it costs for the impersonal management of your 401(k) plan’s mutual funds. We can help you determine if your plan sponsor offers such a program, help you improve the management of those assets, and integrate them into your entire portfolio.

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Portfolios are prudently managed by integrating your specific investment objectives with the prevailing opportunities and risks presented in the investment markets. In our opinion, the resulting portfolios reflect the best method of achieving your investment objectives.