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Stellar provides discretionary portfolio management services for Individuals, Families, Charities, Foundations, Endowments, Private Fiduciaries, Corporate and Individual Retirement Plans, and Native American Indian Tribes, as well as discretionary, Section 3(38), and non-discretionary, Section 3(21), investment fiduciary services for Employer Sponsored 401(k) programs.

Stellar actively manages the number of client relationships handled by its representatives to ensure that a high quality relationship is achieved and maintained. As a client, you will work directly with a dedicated portfolio manager that is well suited for you and your specific situation. The type of professional dedicated to working at Stellar and the depth of his or her experience helps mitigate the longevity risk encountered with sole practitioners and the frequent personnel turnover of larger firms.

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Portfolios are prudently managed by integrating your specific investment objectives with the prevailing opportunities and risks presented in the investment markets. In our opinion, the resulting portfolios reflect the best method of achieving your investment objectives.