Trading is the process of buying or selling specific investments in a portfolio. It is important that the process be efficient, both operationally and from a cost perspective, as any delays or costs can detract from the performance of your account. As a fiduciary, Stellar is obligated to obtain the best execution possible for you when completing transactions. We do this by negotiating commission costs and seeking the most cost efficient transaction possible for each client. Typically, stock transactions completed at custodians we recommend are extremely cost effective. Additionally, we have relationships with about 10 bond trading firms, thereby creating a deep and wide source of bond investment opportunities, and a ready market should we desire to sell. This is all designed to provide you with extremely low transaction costs.

Actively managing the overall cost of the trading component of investment management is one more way that Stellar works to serve you. Stellar determines the quality of an execution by taking into consideration the full range of a broker-dealer's services including:

  • The reputation and financial strength of the executing broker/dealer
  • Historical relationship with Stellar
  • Access to inventory of bonds
  • Responsiveness
  • Execution capabilities
  • Commission rates
  • Research
  • Quality of service