We use a combination of a self-assessment profile that you complete prior to our meeting, a personal interview, and a review of your current investment accounts to develop a working knowledge of your personal and financial situation, clarify important issues, and discuss potential investment strategies to accomplish your goals.  When we develop a mutual comfort level and agreement with regards to goals and strategy, you can sign our engagement agreement, and we can begin working with you immediately. 

To download the investor profile form click here, and call 602.778.0307 to set up an appointment to speak with one of our investment professionals either in person, on the telephone, or via an internet-based video call.

Should you wish to keep your assets with your current custodian, they will likely require you sign a form authorizing them to follow our direction with regard to investment decisions on your specific accounts.  If you would like to change custodians, we can recommend a few different high-quality firms.  We will prepare signature ready documents to establish your new accounts and to transfer your existing accounts.  Additionally, we will monitor the entire transition through completion on your behalf.

As we begin to implement the agreed upon investment strategy, we will check in with you to ensure your comfort level with our implementation and make any desired adjustments to your strategy.

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As a manager of custom-tailored portfolios, the relationships we build with our clients are highly personalized. If you are interested in becoming a client, please call or e-mail us so we can start a dialogue about how Stellar Capital Management can work with you.

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